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Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. It includes samples of the hundreds of op-eds, columns, speeches and articles I've written over the past several years, along with details about some of the creative and public affairs campaigns I've played a role in developing. Please feel free to email me at, or to call me at 302 448 0253 if you would like to learn more about my work.

More Delaware Beach Life features

A Long Way From Home

Delaware Beach LIfe

Book Reviews

The New York Journal of Books

Here are reviews of thrillers I've written for the New York Journal of Books.

Op-eds urging investments to support child health and achievement, effective school discipline and education reforms that give kids from poor families a better chance to succeed

Dozens of daily newspapers and magazines

Deeply Rooted - Sussex County Farmers are Thriving

Delaware Beach Life

Barn Yesterday - An Historic Lewes Home

Delaware Beach Life

Chasing the Light - Profile of artist Jim Rehak

Delaware Beach Life magazine

Shock Waves - How to Stay Safe in the Surf Zone

Delaware Beach Life magazine

Selected stories from Delaware Beach Life

Delaware Beach Life magazine

Here are a few of the stories I've written for Delaware Beach Life magazine.

Getting Rural Kids to College

The Rutland Herald

This op-ed highlights the power of aspirations and one-on-one support for preparing students from rural areas for college.

Common Core Momentum is Still in Jeopardy

Education Week

The forward momentum on adoption of Common Core State Standards is good news for proponents of standards-based education reform. Keeping it going is especial...

Price Tags Aren't the Only Reason Students Don't Graduate from College

Education Nation - NBC online

Here's an interesting perspective on how to help more students from low income families become inspired to attend college, written in partnership with Colleg...

Blog posts about various social marketing topics

Ogilvy Social Marketing Exchange

Here are a few of my blog posts about ways to use social marketing strategies to improve and save lives.

Lewes Library Dilemma Could Be an Opportunity

The Cape Gazette

I wrote this op-ed to encourage Sussex County residents to consider how and why the Lewes Library should be expanded to meet current and future needs. It's p...

Consumer Brochure - Affordable Care Act

Sample, for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

This brochure was written to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' effort to education Americans about their rights and benefits due to the Affor...

Flood Insurance Advertorial

Coastal Living magazine

This advertorial was written as a component of a paid media strategy to encourage residents in hurricane-prone states to obtain flood insurance.

Flood Insurance Advertorial

Southern Living magazine

This advertorial was written and placed in Southern Living magazine as a component of a paid media strategy to encourage home and business owners to purchase...

For Better Teachers, Build Better Personnel Practices

Education Week

The following op-ed, by-lined by Governor Tim Pawlenty and former Governor Jim Hunt, highlights research on the impact of personnel practices for attracting ...

Bullying Prevention Campaign

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

In an effort to prevent "bullying," The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sought support for a multimedia social marketing campaign focusing on st...

Wanted: A Whole New Kind of "Volunteer"

Op-ed requested by the Corporation for National and Community Service as sample creative in conjunction with a communications proposal

International Study Shouldn't Be An Elective

Inside Higher Education

Sally Blount Lyon is a Dean at the NYU Stern School of Business Undergraduate College, which has unveiled an innovative new degree program to prepare student...

Monthly education column

Parenting magazines nationwide

Huntington Learning Center is the longest running provider of supplemental education services for children and teens. For four years I wrote a monthly educat...

Lost Horizons

Education Week

Water Resources Speech for The Coca Cola Company

Given at the NAEM annual meeting

Police Week Media Placement Report

Provided to client - National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Capital Campaign Communications Plan

Provided to client

Aspirations, Achievement, Admissions

Education Week

A Compass in the Storm

Education Week